Datasera Technology
  • Yıdız Kalıp started to use Pako system in serial production.
  • Metsis 3D project is being developed by Datasera for automotive industry.
  • Coşkunöz is managing about 3.000 instruments with Datasera Kalyon system.
  • Simetri SHT is controlling Ford and Mercedes fuel tanks with Datasera's SCADA system.
  • Coşkunöz and Beyçelik Gestamp are also using Pako system in serial production.
  • Tier 1 Ford suppliers improving serial production quality with Pako system.
  • Heat treatment and hardness test SCADA system finished in Federal Mogul.
  • Our MTS system is following ~1.500.000 pieces / year BMW cars’ pistons in Federal Mogul
  • PRR system in Major SKT has awarded with “Merit Award” by Johnson Controls Inc.

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